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5 reasons why startups must not be isolated


Entrepreneurs must not be isolatedArticle by Dimitris Axiotis

A lot of startup founders choose to work from home, for obvious reasons. While money is always the case for startups, working from home can have serious benefits and also important disadvantages, with the most important problem being…Isolation.

Isolation is against… efficient entrepreneurship!

When looking for the most important reasons that startups fail, you will run into the word Isolation quite often. It is a big mistake that plenty of founders make, especially when their business is quite young. With respect to this, let’s see the 5 most important reasons why startups must not be isolated.


1. Because entrepreneurship is a lot about networking

2. Because advice from experts is always needed, even on a day-to-day basis.

3. Because competition may become more advanced in shorter time

4. Because no one will provide you with any kind of resources without knowing you personally.  

5. Because inspiration is not something you can find in your closet. You must go out there and find reasons to inspire yourself and your team.



How can startups avoid Isolation? In a coworking space of course!


Sharing the cost of a serviced office is quite affordable for a startup (with a team) nowadays. Choosing the right coworking space for your startup means that not only you avoid being isolated but also you can enjoy important benefits such as, networking, training sessions, market monitoring, experts advise, knowledge sharing and even promotion opportunities.


Isolation and loneliness as a feeling for the entrepreneur


Isolation and strong sense of loneliness appear very often among people who run businesses and are feelings strongly related with the need to communicate with others who have similar needs, interests and problems.

In order to overcome this, most startup founders become part of relative organizations and groups dealing with entrepreneurship and sharing ideas build around it.

In a coworking space you will mostly enjoy this type of networking with other startup founders sitting and working just next to you every single day.


One Response to “5 reasons why startups must not be isolated”

  1. Great post! Thanks. We're running a coworking space in Luxembourg and one of our (Greek) members directed my to your post. How long have you been operational? It would be great to share experiences and learn. As you wrote, Isolation is the enemy we have to fight and go together to go far. Best of luck!


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